Mr. and Miss HCA


On Thursday, March 11, our high school students, faculty members, and administrators cast their votes for the two seniors who would be named Mr. and Miss HCA for 2021.

Each candidate is chosen based on how well they represent the following qualities.

Character...positive Christian role model, kind, friendly
Attitude...goal-oriented, enthusiastic, respectful of school policies
Trustworthiness...maintains high integrity
Behavior/ of major infractions
Academics...maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA
Leadership...willing to lead others by taking initiative
School Spirit...participates in extracurricular activities, clubs, athletics
Motivation...desire to be successful
Heart for Community Service...volunteers time and service

...and the awards go to Mr. Christian Schulz and Miss Alli Anderson...CONGRATULATIONS!

Head of School Mr. Rick Johnson with Christian Schulz and Alli Anderson