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Philosophy - Mission - Purpose

Philosophy - Mission - Purpose



Christian education compels students to apply what they learn in the classroom by becoming agents of Christ’s Redemption in a fallen world. It guides students as they acquire knowledge, consider how to apply it, and act on it through service. Christian schooling is more about preparing students for life, and less about protecting them from life; therefore, effective Christian Schools do not withdraw from culture. Instead, they teach students how to filter their thoughts about their studies of the world through the lens of Scripture, urging them to consider how they may engage and transform culture. Harvester Christian Academy is committed to equipping the hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ by educating the whole child (spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically), using God’s revelation of Himself in both His creation and His Holy Scriptures.



Harvester Christian Academy exists to train young men and women who will impact our culture for Christ. The purpose of HCA is to provide Christ-centered discipleship (education) for covenant Christian families. This is done in a challenging academic setting by training the mind to lead and the heart to serve.



We affirm that all truth is God’s truth. In giving recognition to the fact that absolute and infallible truth exists and is known through the revealed word of God, the Bible, we affirm that knowledge apart from God has no meaning. God has revealed that man is responsible to use his God-given resources in such a way that his work glorifies God, the Provider of all things. It is incumbent upon man to understand himself and his world in relationship to God. This means that as Christian parents and as the Christian Church we must be full participants in the process of education. We must educate our children in the strict admonition of the Lord—helping them develop an integrated Biblical world and life view.We believe that true education is the process whereby the Holy Spirit:
Equipping the student to pursue, in a scholarly manner, his particular talents enabling him to interact with his culture in such a way that his response to the mandate to exercise dominion, to love God and his neighbor, and to evangelize is significant, effective, positive, uplifting, and consistent with Biblical standards. We seek, with God’s enabling, to train students to be leaders in bringing all of life into submission to the Lordship of Christ.
It is therefore the purpose of Harvester Christian Academy to glorify God by assisting parents and the Church in discharging their God-given responsibility as follows:
Providing an academic atmosphere consistent with a Biblical world and life view for teaching and learning that supports the teacher, student, parent, and Church in their Biblical responsibilities and privileges.
Providing a curriculum consistent with the Biblical world and life view.

Developing and providing facilities, resources, and opportunities for learning and training wherein the student can discover, develop, and utilize more fully his mental, emotional, physical, and vocational resources, gifts, and talents to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Providing Christian teaching faculty and support personnel whose Christian calling, occupational expertise, methods, personal belief system, moral conduct, and lifestyle are reflective of the philosophy, mission, and policies of Harvester Christian Academy.

Enlightens the intellect so that the individual comes to understand man, the universe, and the Scriptures as God intends them to be understood, taking every thought captive for Christ, and thereby coming to know God more fully through Christ.

Enables the will to trust this enlightened understanding and to act in a manner that reflects this understanding and God’s eternal purpose for man and the universe.

Enlivens the affections so that the student responds to the revelation of God with reverential fear, love, and humble service through Christ.
Further, we believe that the education process is a shared responsibility, with the primary oversight being the responsibility of the parents. God has called the student to be active, to “gain understanding.” Christ has gifted some men and women as teachers. He has given to the church pastor-teachers for the equipping of the saints. He has given elders to the Church who are to cultivate teaching gifts and guard the flock against corruption in doctrine and practice. We believe that only as parents, students, teachers, and church leaders act responsibly in obedience to God’s Word and in dependence on Christ, will true education take place. Education of our children will be most effective when it is the collaborative effort of the church, the home, and the school.