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Affiliations and Accreditation

Harvester Christian Academy seeks out partnerships with other organizations in an effort to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our students. Below is a list of these partnerships and the role they play in affecting students here at HCA.

Organization Purpose and Impact
Association of Christian Schools International ACSI ensures that each Harvester student receives a high quality education delivered through distinctively Christian worldview. Additionally, ACSI allows Harvester Christian Academy to accept exchange students through I-20 and I-17 forms. Accreditation through ACSI also ensures that credits earned at Harvester Christian Academy are transferable to other schools and acceptable to higher education institutions.
AdvancED One of the largest communities of professional educators in the world, AdvancED conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of schools.  AdvancED reviews over 34,000 educational institutions and enrolls more than 20 million students in the United States and 70 other countries.  The agency strives not just to certify that a school is "good enough," but that it is continually improving for the betterment of its students.
Ministry Safe Ministry Safe is a complete child safety program that trains faculty and staff to identify, understand, prevent, report and address sexual abuse.  This protects our children and those who serve them.
ALICE ALICE training is the nation's number one active shooter civilian response training program. A new standard of student care, ALICE training certifies faculty and staff to respond to a variety of active shooter scenarios.  With attention and care given to age and developmental needs, students are presented with ALICE techniques and tools designed to keep them safe.
With an emphasis on Christian character, GAPPS provides Harvester's students with a platform for rigorous athletic competition. GAPPS unites Christ-centered schools to create an environment that sets a Godly example of excellence.