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Middle School

Grades 7 – 8

Harvester Christian Academy (HCA) Middle School has been designed around the needs of youngsters in transition between childhood and adolescence.  At a tender time of their lives, middle school students long for a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment with caring teachers to guide them to success.  HCA provides this community and nurtures life-long relationships.  HCA’s teachers model Christ’s love to middle school students through their interactions with them in the classroom. Harvester’s middle school program is developed to prepare students to accept increasing responsibility for class preparation, employment of effective study skills, organizational skills, and personal involvement in their own education.  HCA seeks to support students in making the delicate transitions from childhood to adolescence by helping them recognize the connections between actions and consequences, effort and achievement, perseverance and accomplishment of goals.
Courses are planned with the goal of helping students develop and refine the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and mastering math concepts.  Students are taught to analyze and solve problems.  They learn to use research skills, assess facts, analyze data, formulate conclusions, and summarize findings.  As students progress through middle school, they participate in classroom activities designed to promote maturation of reasoning skills and to encourage them to advance from concrete to abstract thinking as they are developmentally ready.  Middle school students are taught science, math, history, vocabulary, reading, language, and Bible. They also attend physical education, art, music, spanish, and computer classes. Weekly chapel services offer a time of worship and reflection.
To optimize learning and mimimize distraction, student to teacher ratio is approximately 15 to 1.  Field trips are thoughtfully incorporated to augment what is being taught in the classroom. Each year the 8th grade participates in a team-building retreat. This special trip is designed to unify the class and to promote life-long friendships as they prepare for the transition into high school.  HCA’s middle school is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS, AdvancED).  All teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher and are committed to excellence in education.  Harvester Christian Academy’s faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting each student reach their full potential.  Teachers must meet accrediting standards and are well qualified to teach their particular subject.
To enhance the Harvester Christian Academy experience, HCA middle school students are offered a variety of sports programs, clubs, and activities in which they may participate.