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Elementary School


Harvester Christian Academy (HCA) offers a half-day and a full day four-year-old program. Our students are introduced to a phonics-based reading curriculum that has HCA kindergarten students testing above the national norm. Parents are thrilled to see their student’s level of performance progress through HCA’s reading, writing and math programs.  HCA utilizes Christian-based curriculum, introducing the foundations of these essential subjects.  Hands-on experiences, learning centers, games, crafts, activities and singing are just a sample of how instruction is facilitated. Our students participate in physical education, music, library, field trips, chapels, and community service projects.  Our teacher’s mission is to “Train up your child in the way they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from it”. Exceptional education integrated with a Christian worldview is evident throughout your student’s experience at HCA.


To enter K-4, children must be four years old by September 1st. 


Grade  K5 

HCA offers a full day program for  five-year-old children. A strong foundation is built for reading and math through phonics and number concepts. Although letter sounds and combinations of those sounds are the foundation at the K4 level, many of  our students far exceed this goal and will expand their world infinitely with their new ability to read. HCA five-year-old students read on a level well above national norms. By the end of K5 students are mastering addition, subtraction, counting, and other math skills. Led by a highly qualified, loving, and enthusiastic faculty, instruction in the K5 programs encompass a mixture of fun activities, games, arts and crafts, and traditional classroom instruction.  A variety of stimulating learning opportunities is also provided for students to study and explore the world around them through hands on activities. 
To enter K5, children must be five years old by September 1st. 


Grades 1 – 3

The elementary school years are the formative years in a student’s life.  It is the elementary school that has the responsibility of laying the solid foundation upon which increasingly sophisticated academic and personal experiences can be built. Curriculum and thoughtful lesson planning reflect the HCA faculty goals of developing student leaders who are well-balanced academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  A variety of subjects are taught providing students with a firm grounding in areas such as math, science, reading, language, history, spelling, and Bible. Harvester Christian Academy students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and to make intelligent judgments and decisions. The HCA curriculum is developmentally appropriate and challenging. Students develop poise and self-confidence through involvement in music, chapel, oral book reports and other projects. Students broaden their education by attending music, art, and physical education classes. Technology is integrated into the classroom at a developmentally appropriate pace. A state of the art mobile computer lab extends the teacher’s and student’s capabilities into the virtual world conveniently from their individual desk.  The library is updated yearly to encourage young readers to develop a love of reading. The HCA library offers the nationally recognized Accelerated Reader program.


HCA faculty and staff are dedicated to providing learning experiences in an encouraging and caring atmosphere.  Harvester Christian Academy teachers have a genuine interest in each of their students and work and pray for them to succeed individually.  Elementary teachers hold, at a minimum, a college degree and are well qualified in teaching and childhood development.  They are required to attend continuing education courses designed to energize their spirit and update their knowledge of the latest teaching methods. All HCA teachers are observed consistently and meet regularly with administration assuring classroom goals are met.  Combined, the elementary teachers have over 80 years of teaching experience. Student to teacher ratio is low, approximately 15 to 1.  Field trips are designed to supplement classroom studies and reflect grade-appropriate content outside the classroom.  Teaching by example, service projects are offered to give the students the opportunity to serve as Christ himself did.