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College and Career Guidance

The purpose of academic advisement is to provide quality academic and college placement guidance to each student using relevant, up-to-date information on the secondary level coursework and standardized test scores necessary to meet college admission and scholarship requirements. Some of the services offered are academic advising, college and career counseling, course scheduling,  Move on When Ready scheduling,  providing college recommendations, fulfilling transcript requests, linking students to ACT/SAT prep opportunities,  and communicating leadership/community opportunities.  Personalized services are provided to each student recognizing that God’s sovereignty is supreme, and to seek His guidance and will in every aspect of the advisement process.          


Helpful Resources:


SAT Information:

ACT Information:

HOPE Scholarship Information:

GAcollege411  (Career planning, high school planning, college planning, financial aid planning)

Dual Enrollment/ Move On When Ready:

FAFSA Information:

Harvester's School Code for testing is: 111103